TAP Volunteer

Supporter Spotlight: Lawrence Thornhill

From One Veteran to Another Lawrence Thornhill knows that sometimes the best person to help a veteran is another veteran—that’s why he’s interning with our Veterans Services while he studies for his master’s degree in social work through Rutgers University. Through his internship, Lawrence, who is a veteran himself, works directly with vets to help…

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Client of the Year 2019

Client of the Year: Bill Tynes, US Military Veteran

Bill Tynes has worked with TAP over several years to better his housing and life situation. On a recent fall morning, he sat down with our staffers to recount the story of overcoming challenges in his life, including abuse, drug addiction, and near homelessness, to later becoming a homeowner. Growing up, Bill found himself in…

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TAP Press Conference

TAP to Launch New Program for Women in Recovery

Southwest Virginia is at the center of the nation’s opioid crisis with overdose and neonatal abstinence syndrome rates far in excess of state and national averages. Total Action for Progress (TAP) is excited to announce a new program, RESTORE (Re-employment, Support, and Training for the Opioid-Related Epidemic) Southwest Virginia. TAP is one of only five…

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TAP Presents New Legacy Award to George Kegley

We are excited to present a new award at our 2019 Annual Lunch: the Legacy Award. It will be presented to Mr. George Kegley of Roanoke. We congratulate him on this recognition and thank him for his tireless service to our community. About Mr. Kegley Kegley spent 44 years as a journalist for The Roanoke…

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TAP Supporter

Supporter Spotlight: Q&A with Suzanne Thorniley

Suzanne Thorniley, a licensed therapist trained in domestic violence work, is a supporter of TAP’s Domestic Violence Services (DVS) and has volunteered with the program for the past eight years. Her passion for the work of DVS is contagious. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Suzanne and reflect on her experience with the…

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What you don't see on TV; Domestic Violence

What You Don’t See On TV

How abusers blame their victims, manipulate the system, & how we can stop it Domestic violence is almost always worse than it seems because abusers are the worst of humanity: they’re great manipulators who find loopholes, muddy the waters wherever they can, and keep whole families isolated, terrified, and unable to live up to their…

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TAP Books Program

Seven things to know about TAP Books

You’ve heard us talking about TAP Books, but how does this new book donation program work? Check out these answers to some frequently asked questions!  How can I donate my books? Books can be donated by simply dropping them off at one of several convenient locations. A full list of drop-off points can be found…

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TAP Presents 2019 Cabell Brand Hope Award to Reverend Dr. Kathy O’Keeffe

Total Action for Progress (TAP) is delighted to present this year’s Cabell Brand Hope Award to Reverend Dr. Kathy O’Keeffe. The award will be presented at TAP’s Annual Lunch on October 15. The public is invited to attend. Reverend Dr. O’Keeffe is the pastor of Kingdom Life Ministries, International and the international pastor of Kingdom…

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Project Discovery alumna

The Road to NYC

A Project Discovery, a TAP Youth Education Program, alumna update “Project Discovery has helped me achieve a lot of my dreams,” says Denashia Dunnaville, a Project Discovery alumna. This summer, a dream came true when Denashia, a journalism student at Virginia Tech, had the opportunity to intern with MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi in Rockefeller…

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TAP Job Training

Adult Education: A Way Out of Poverty

A Chat About Job Training with Charysse Hairston and Spring Abney One job can make all the difference in lifting a family out of poverty. At TAP, when we sit down to work with someone who needs a job, we don’t just work to get them any job. We help people land good jobs—ones that…

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TAP Virginia CARES program

Six Questions with JoAnne Carter of TAP Virginia CARES

Case Manager JoAnn Carter is a big part of our Virginia CARES program’s ability to nurture good habits and lasting changes. She sat down to answer some of our questions about the work, what keeps participants from losing hope, and how to make a lasting impact on someone’s life. Q: Let’s start with the basics—who…

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TAP Fathers First

“My life started to turn around when I went to Fathers First.”

Walter is a Fathers First alumnus, and he says that coming to TAP changed his life. As Walter puts it, “My life before I became a dad was just a bunch of drugs. I didn’t care about anything at all.” That changed when a friend recommended he check out a TAP program that helps fathers…

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