A collection of outcome data from TAPs programs

Annual Report 2020–2021

“I don’t think I could have made it another year like I’d been making it the past 15 years.” “[TAP] was a tremendous help, and the help has not ceased.”  “I feel like I am getting my self-confidence back.” These are the words of TAP clients featured in our most recent annual report. The report…

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Supporter Story: Ian Shaw

Dedicated donor Ian Shaw shares what makes TAP special. Ian Shaw believes in giving back to the community. For years, he’s been a consistent and charitable donor to TAP. When asked what influences his recurring donations, Ian shares that he likes TAP’s variety of programs. “There is a range of things that [TAP] does that…

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Woman in blue suit receives award from woman in red suit

2021 Cabell Brand Hope Award Recipient: Nancy Agee

We are happy to announce the winner of the 2021 Cabell Brand Hope Award! This year the award was presented to Nancy Howell Agee, President & CEO of Carilion Clinic. We congratulate her and thank her for her dedication to the communities in southwest Virginia. Nancy is President and Chief Executive Officer of Carilion Clinic….

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Man looking straight into camera

Employment, Housing, and Peace of Mind

One Veteran’s Story Kevin Stone is a veteran who served in the Marines as an aviation mechanic for five years. When he returned from the base in Cherry Point, North Carolina, to his hometown of Danville, he said, “there was nothing for me there.” He traveled from place to place in search of a job…

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It’s Never Too Late to Start Living

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In this month, we remember those we lost to domestic violence, and we think of the work we need to do to save the next survivors. For many of people, October is a time to reflect on what’s at stake when people decide to leave violent situations, and all…

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Supporter Story: Mary Ann McAden & Beth Macher

Dynamic duo Mary Ann and Beth provide essential donations to our Domestic Violence Services. It all began when Mary Ann donated all the furniture from a condo she was selling. She’d reached out to TAP after hearing about our Domestic Violence Services from a family member. Though she knew how useful DVS’ services were, she…

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Homebuying in Clifton Forge for a Good Cause

With the housing market continuing to soar to new heights, the cost of purchasing a home has become incredibly daunting. In Clifton Forge, however, TAP has a golden opportunity for first-time homebuyers that won’t last long. This beautiful three-bedroom home is located within walking distance of Clifton Forge’s beautiful and historic downtown. The newly-renovated property…

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Two Myths about Volunteering at the TAP Tax Clinic

TAP Tax Clinic Each year at TAP, we file over 1,000 free tax returns for low-income residents of Roanoke. This work relies on the help of volunteers. Here are the two biggest myths about volunteering at the Tax Clinic—and why they shouldn’t stop anyone from helping out. Myth #1: I don’t know enough about tax…

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Indoor Plumbing and Rehab program

Help Keep Families Safe with Plumbing Rehabilitation

Our Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation (IPR) program helps to ensure families have safe drinking water, eliminates hazardous outhouse trips, and more. However, due to the pandemic, project material costs have skyrocketed. Without donations from supporters like you, IPR will not only have to turn down people who ask for help, it will have to drop some…

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Supporter Story: Network Computing Group

Mark Bowles first heard of TAP around the time he founded Network Computing Group in 1994. He worked with TAP occasionally, and in 2014 NCG became TAP’s main IT provider. Over the past seven years Mark has gotten a much closer look at our work, and NCG and its employees have become some of our most…

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Job Training: Forging a New Career

Katie received the job training she needed through TAP’s CareerForge Adult Education and Employment Program. When the pandemic hit, Katie found herself unemployed after losing her job as a preschool teacher. She searched for new positions but had no luck. “I didn’t have a plan,” she says. “I moved to the area because I got…

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Brightly colored graphic saying thank you for donations

Bringing Hope Home: Thank You!

We’ve just reached the end of our very first Bringing Hope Home campaign to raise annual support for TAP. As we look back on the year, we have one thing to say: thank you! Record Support We set an initial goal of $150,000 for Bringing Hope Home, but even during a time when many people’s…

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