Child on virtual meeting

Adapting for Now, Learning for the Future: Sabrina’s Place Visits Go Virtual

TAP created Sabrina’s Place to facilitate face-to-face interaction while protecting participants’ physical and emotional health during custody exchanges or court-ordered child/parent visits. Now, a microscopic threat—one capable of penetrating a number of our carefully planned physical safeguards—has forced us to rethink what it means to keep people safe in our center. Because of this, Sabrina’s…

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Freedom First & Carilion Support TAP Students

Trying to turn your life around is hard work. The students in TAP’s youth programs are doing that work every day—some of them have been doing it while fighting hunger, too. Not a Choice, a Situation “Some of our students don’t eat at home, not because they don’t want to eat, and not because mom…

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Rob looking at Roanoke

Helping students with big challenges

One of the biggest challenges for students in our youth programs is that even though they spend their days in a positive, future-oriented setting, each night they must return to what Rob Wormley describes as a “hard core urban environment,” where gun violence, robbery, and drug dealing are the norm. But most of the students,…

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TAP Headquarters

COVID-19: TAP’s Response

TAP is sensitive to the fact that our clients are some of the most vulnerable members of our community, especially when it comes to receiving needed support and access to services. Both the community and our funding sources are aware of the value of what we do for those we serve, and continue to look…

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TAP Books program manager

TAP Books accepts donated books and more

TAP Books accepts donated books and more. TAP Books set up shop in 2019 as our agency’s latest social enterprise. The program, which sells donated books online, helps to fund TAP programs while creating jobs and giving disenfranchised people the chance to build job skills. Books and more Many employment opportunities exclude those with a…

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Supporter - Aldrige Family

Practical Philanthropy – Monthly Giving

David and Nicole Aldridge support TAP with consistent monthly gifts. When asked about why monthly giving works for them, they shared that they practice the principle of giving ten percent, saving ten percent, and living on the rest. Their practical approach of including TAP in their budget each month has paid dividends for the community…

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HELP program staff person helping

HELP Finds Dignity and Worth in the Journey from Homelessness

They say that moving is one of the most stressful events in life—but that’s not how Hannah Oakes sees it. From her perspective, it’s a celebratory occasion. On moving day, she’s been known to gather together a few helpers and a truck. She has a housewarming gift ready. Maybe there’s even a pizza involved. Moving…

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TAP Housing Counseling client photo with home

Finding a Home

Did you know that the Federal Reserve, Forbes, the National Association of Realtors, Harvard, and many more experts say that home equity (the home’s current market value minus what’s owed on the mortgage) is one of the top contributors to American household wealth? That’s because unlike other assets purchased with a loan, homes actually gain…

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TAP Volunteers Help Future Homebuyers

“We’re planting the seed of homeownership.” That’s how Carla Evans sees her volunteer work as an instructor with TAP’s Homebuyer Education Class. Carla, a realtor with Wainwright & Co. REALTORS, volunteers alongside Rob Jessee of the Jessee Realty Group brokered by RealStar Realtors. Both Carla and Rob volunteer their expertise in this class because they…

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TAP 2020 Black History Month Event

TAP Hosts 2020 Black History Event

Join us for this FREE community event! TAP’s annual Black History Month celebration will be held on February 18, 2020 at 10 a.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church. The event will feature entertainment, guest speakers, and an awards ceremony, followed by a soul food luncheon prepared by Morning Star Baptist Church. This year, we’ll continue…

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TAP Director of Energy Conservation and Housing Rehab

ECHR Director Brings New Perspective

There’s a new leader on the scene in our Energy Conservation and Housing Rehab (ECHR) component. Bringing a unique advantage John O’Donnell took the reins of the component over the summer and has since hit the ground running. John has years of experience in the housing and construction field. Before coming to TAP, he worked…

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ECHR Program supporter

An Advocate Brings Funding to TAP Programs

A Conversation with Billy Weitzenfeld Billy Weitzenfeld is the executive director of the Association of Energy Conservation Professionals (AECP), a role he’s served in for 20 years. This nonprofit group promotes and advocates for energy conservation, and serves as a support and resource group for Virginia’s Weatherization Assistance Program. TAP is a founding member of…

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