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The Tax Clinic Goes Virtual

The TAP Tax Clinic provides free tax preparation and filing for low-income taxpayers. As the program enters its 20th year, it continues to evolve in order to meet the needs of customers. Most recently, the Tax Clinic began to offer a virtual filing option to make traditionally in-person services accessible to all in the wake…

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Originally published in The Roanoke Times on January 13, 2022. Re-posted here with permission. 2022 marks the 57th year of Total Action for Progress’ existence. During the holiday season, many of us enjoyed the rerun of the Hollywood classic It’s A Wonderful Life, the story of a local banker deterred from suicide by an angel…

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TAP Takes a Holistic Approach to Youth Development

We know that exposure to violence makes young people more likely to become violent themselves. So, how can we disrupt that cycle and encourage students down another path?  As it turns out, meditation helps. “We had a student from last year who said he would have killed someone if it wasn’t for this class,” said…

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Mentoring Can Make the Difference

Some of Fred Rogers’ most well-known advice for young kids is to “look for the helpers” when they feel overwhelmed. And these days, after the turmoil and social disconnection of the last several years, kids can’t have enough helpers to turn to. If you’d like to become a helper in your community, now is the…

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Supporter Spotlight: Larry Davidson and Janice Dinkins-Davidson

Larry Davidson and Janice Dinkins-Davidson are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo with a shared drive to make deep connections and lasting impact in the community. Each is woven deeply into the fabric of Roanoke in a distinct and unique way. Janice is the executive director of Children’s Advocacy Centers of Virginia (CACVA), a Roanoke-based statewide child…

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Wells Fargo: A Bank with a Mission

Wells Fargo is committed to supporting a healthier financial future for all. “Through our businesses and the Wells Fargo Foundation, we align our resources and expertise to make a positive impact in communities, address complex societal issues, and help build a more inclusive, sustainable future for all,” says Juan Austin, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo…

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A Thank You from Sabrina’s Place

Sabrina’s Place, created in 2007, provides a safe space for custody exchanges and visitations. The program is in downtown Roanoke, housed in the same building since its inception. Unexpectedly, the program’s federal funding ended in 2016. The building’s owners, Cooper Youell and Scott Graeff, graciously allowed Sabrina’s Place to remain rent-free until other funding could…

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Supervised Visitation Helps Kids Grow

Edward is passionate and outspoken about parenting. When he talks about his son, his face brightens and the love he has for his son is clear. There is also an unmistakable determination in how he talks about being a part of his son’s life—something he almost missed out on completely. Instead, Sabrina’ Place gives parents…

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Supporter Spotlight: Bank of Botetourt

For more than 122 years, Bank of Botetourt has been committed to caring for its community. “Bank of Botetourt has a culture that focuses on bridging the needs of the community with the resources of the bank to improve the quality of life for all residents in our service area,” states Mary Ann Miller, Vice…

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Start Your Spring Cleaning with TAP Books

Gearing up for your spring cleaning? Donate your used books to TAP Books and give them a second life! TAP Books sells pre-owned books online and uses the profits to fund other TAP services. Not only does the program purchase wholesale used books, but it also relies heavily on community support. “Donations are the absolute…

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American National Bank & Trust: Investing in the Community

American National Bank & Trust prioritizes making a difference in the communities it serves. Guided by this philosophy, the bank became a Bringing Hope Home sponsor this year. Eddie Martin, American National Bank’s Chief Administrative Officer, explains the bank’s decision to support TAP this way: “As we consider the impact of our corporate donations, prioritization…

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Empowering Youth

Trifecta, Inc. Teams up with TAP Each year TAP’s youth programs help dozens of youth to go to college and assist many more to find career paths and join the workforce. In the process, we also help them to develop as people. This past summer we teamed up with Trifecta, Inc., an exciting local organization…

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