2022-2023 Annual Report

You Improved the Lives of Over 5,700 People Last Year

We are proud to share some highlights and stories from the past year in our 2022-2023 Annual Report. Please take a look at the report to see how the work you support is making our community stronger, healthier, safer, and more prosperous—one person, one family at a time.

TAP Provides Opportunity and Hope

Poverty robs people of opportunity and crushes hope; it creates a vicious cycle that destroys lives and communities. That’s why at TAP we work day and night to help people get out of and stay out of poverty. It is a mission to restore hope by giving families and individuals the resources and opportunities they need to take charge of their lives. We do this through our more than twenty programs in the areas of education and employment, housing, financial services, and domestic violence and family services. Our 2022-2023 Annual Report provides a glimpse into these programs and the lives that are better today because of your generosity.

These stories inspire, and they show just how far TAP’s work extends. You’ll read about Miz and how she has broken free from the cycle of poverty through the support of TAP’s job-training programs and TAP Head Start. She is now giving back to the community as a healthcare professional. You’ll also read about Ben, who has been able to improve and make repairs to his family farm that might otherwise have been lost without the support of TAP’s Business Seed program. His business not only provides for his own livelihood, but also provides hay and livestock throughout the area.

Your Support Makes This Possible

Because TAP is local and has no national affiliations, 100% of your gift stays right here in our community. Your support provides hope to Miz and Ben and thousands like them, giving them the opportunity they need to take charge of their lives. We are all better because of it. To make your gift today, please visit our donation page.