TAP Financial Services: Here to Support Our Community

Did you know TAP has a financial services division? Our services help low-income families and individuals achieve financial goals and wealth-building strategies such as home ownership or starting a business.

Some of the ways TAP Financial Services has helped in our community:

  •  Free Tax Clinic:

    Last year, our Tax Clinic brought a total of $1,302,960 in tax returns back to the community while saving the taxpayers $201,200 in preparation fees. We brought together IRS-trained & certified tax-prep volunteers whose expertise helped double-check each tax return, resulting in a 100% accuracy rating. If your annual household income is less than $54,000, or you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), let us help make sure you get all of the refunds and credits you’re eligible for. Contact Teffany at 540.283.4916 or teffany.henderson@nulltapintohope.org to arrange an appointment.

  • Business SEED:

    Through Business SEED, we’ve loaned over $3.7 million to businesses in the Roanoke Valley, assisted over 100 start-up businesses, and created 475 jobs. We also help clients hone and strengthen their business plans, helping bring their visions to life. Contact Curtis Thompson at 540.283.4915 or curtis.thompson@nulltapintohope.org.

  • Housing Counseling:

    Critical to helping families generate stability and begin to grow savings and wealth for the long run is our Housing Counseling program. Our free services help families who are thinking about buying their first home or already own a home but are in danger of foreclosure. Contact Ashton at 540.283.4917 or ashton.fallen@nulltapintohope.org.

Learn more about all of TAP’s financial services here.