Individual Volunteering

Volunteers are at the heart of TAP’s work to help people overcome poverty. Keep reading to find out more about our volunteer opportunities.

Who We Are Looking For

Our volunteers should be driven and hard-working. TAP welcomes people of any race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and beyond. We work with each volunteer to find the best fit for them within our programs. All that we ask from you is that you come ready to help out the members of your community!

Why Volunteer With TAP?

We know your time is priceless—that’s why we want to help you make the most of it. At TAP, we make sure your volunteer experience is worthwhile and fulfilling. We want to set you up for success and maintain an open line of communication, from our volunteers to our program leaders to our agency directors. Everyone who walks through TAP’s doors is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Heard Enough? Sign Up Now!

Are you ready to begin? Look over our volunteer opportunities and submit a volunteer application today! Once submitted, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to discuss your needs and find the opportunities that are right for you.

Please email or call us at (540) 283-4803 or email with any questions or comments about our volunteer program. If you would like to further support what we do at TAP, think about donating.

Individual Volunteer Application

General Information

Why are you interested in volunteering?(Required)
Have you worked, or do you currently work, for TAP?(Required)
Do you have a valid driver’s license?(Required)
Do you have a car available for use while volunteering?(Required)
If you are involved with us as a volunteer and an emergency arises, whom should we contact?(Required)




Which opportunities do you wish to further explore? Descriptions of these opportunities can be found on our website at:
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At TAP we value your support and promise to protect your privacy. By volunteering with TAP and signing the Volunteer Agreement Form you are consenting to your information being collected and stored for the purposes of volunteer engagement. TAP is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information of all stakeholders in the organization including volunteers. TAP will not provide names and contact information of volunteers to other organizations or companies without prior explicit consent except to the extent required by law.


I certify that the facts set forth in this volunteer application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statement, omission, or misrepresentation in my application or placement interview may result in the rejection of my application or discharge from the volunteer program. I understand that certain volunteer positions at TAP require a complete criminal/sex offender and/or CPS background screenings at TAP’s expense and if my volunteer position requires such, I agree to submit to such screenings.