2021-2022 TAP Annual Report

You helped TAP serve over 4,700 people last year

We are proud to share with you some bright moments and encouraging stories from the past year. Please peruse our 2021–2022 Annual Report. Be inspired by the good work you are helping to make possible right here in your backyard by supporting TAP.

Words from TAP clients

“If not for AACCI, I would not have learned how to meditate. Now I use meditation any time I am feeling stressed.”

“Our biggest goal is to show students that there is something beyond the zip code they live in.”

 “We’ve had more families that have been able to go to work and have an income.”

These are the words of a few TAP clients, staff, and partners who are featured in our most recent annual report. The report details how TAP provided opportunities for our neighbors—and yours—to overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve their vision of success.

TAP’s Annual Report highlights the work we do in the community

At the heart of our work is the goal to help people get out of and stay out of poverty. And we do it by creating opportunities through our more than 20 programs in the areas of education, employment, affordable housing, and creating safe and healthy environments for families. The TAP annual report provides a glimpse into these programs and the life-changing results they helped nearly 5,000 people in our community achieve over the past year.   

Please enjoy the inspiring stories of the changes two of our programs have made in the lives of individuals and the communities they live in. Through a partnership with TAP Head Start, the Craig County Child Care Center expanded and improved services for families. With the help of AACCI and Project Discovery, local student Ireland found her confidence and the desire to attend college.

None of this is possible without your support

While we celebrate their stories, we are also mindful that their victories didn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes all of us working together to support the work of community action. Thank you for your support.