Supporter Story: Mary Ann McAden & Beth Macher

Dynamic duo Mary Ann and Beth provide essential donations to our Domestic Violence Services.

It all began when Mary Ann donated all the furniture from a condo she was selling. She’d reached out to TAP after hearing about our Domestic Violence Services from a family member. Though she knew how useful DVS’ services were, she had no idea just how big the need was.

Domestic Violence and the Pandemic

The pandemic led to a rise in domestic violence rates as victims were often stuck at home with their abusers. High rates of unemployment and the resulting stress took the situation from bad to worse. DVS was getting more calls than ever.

DVS works to rehouse individuals and families affected by domestic violence. Victims often can’t bring many belongings when they leave their abusive situation, so DVS also helps to provide them with furniture and other household necessities.

Rallying the Community

Once Mary Ann was aware of the need, she called her friend Beth and they hit the ground running. “Because of the pandemic, everyone was stuck at home,” Mary Ann recalls. With their free time, they began decluttering. “We told everyone we knew that we were taking donations for domestic violence survivors,” she says. “It first began with our donations, but now several different people will drop off items at our front porch each week.”

People need more than just furniture. “I ask people to bring old toys their kids have grown out of,” says Beth. Mary Ann asks people to donate picture frames. Goods like toys, craft supplies, and picture frames can be integral to making a family’s new house a home and keeping them from returning to an abuser.

“People can have a new beginning.”

Mary Ann and Beth’s efforts have truly changed lives. Between them, they have helped rehouse more than 30 families with the donations they have collected.

With a new home and furniture, domestic violence survivors can begin to heal from their abuse. “People can have a new beginning,” Beth says.