Two Myths about Volunteering at the TAP Tax Clinic

TAP Tax Clinic

Each year at TAP, we file over 1,000 free tax returns for low-income residents of Roanoke. This work relies on the help of volunteers. Here are the two biggest myths about volunteering at the Tax Clinic—and why they shouldn’t stop anyone from helping out.

Myth #1: I don’t know enough about tax return preparation

Most people don’t—at first. Many of our volunteers begin with no prior experience in tax return preparation. As a result, volunteers are trained through Link & Learn Taxes, an online program used by the IRS. In addition, our tax site coordinator provides personal training to ensure you’re confident in your knowledge.

Sherman Witcher, a Virginia Western student and 2019 Tax Clinic volunteer, said “knowing almost nothing about tax return preparation, it was somewhat intimidating to dive in headfirst, but the IRS training modules are tailored to people who have little to no background.”

Likewise, Sofiia Melnyk also began volunteering with no experience. Melnyk moved from Ukraine in 2016, and did not know how the US filing process worked. She decided to volunteer to get accounting experience. After her training, she helped over 100 families file tax returns.

Each year, volunteers get the training they need to help our clients. All together, we help over 1,000 people file their tax returns without a single rejection.

Myth #2: I don’t have enough time

Schedules today are packed with work, making dinner, or soccer practice. Due to this, the TAP Tax Clinic offers an online training program. Link & Learn Taxes is self-paced, meaning you can complete it as you find time in your day.

“With the online modules,” Witcher said, “I could easily study the material without having to drive 40 minutes from Franklin County.”

Once the training is complete, you can offer as much time as you want to the Tax Clinic. “I was able to build my own schedule that worked with my college classes,” said Melnyk. Every bit helps. The Tax Clinic is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekday, and runs from February 1 to April 15. We welcome any hours you can help.

Facts about Being a Tax Clinic Volunteer

Research shows that volunteering has many benefits. Here are a few that volunteering at the Tax Clinic offers:

Fact #1: Help your community

This one’s obvious. The TAP Tax Clinic offers free tax preparation for low-income Virginians. Without the tax clinic, these clients may miss out on important credits or spend a majority of their refund on a paid service. While volunteering, Melnyk assisted a client who was overjoyed after discovering that she didn’t owe thousands in taxes, but in fact would be receiving a refund. “There were so many people who made me feel that my volunteering time truly mattered,” Melnyk said. “It was a rewarding experience.”

Fact #2: Connect with people & feel better

Volunteering is proven to lower feelings of loneliness. Beyond that, a study by Indiana University’s School of Philanthropy found that volunteering lowered stress, reduced feelings of depression, and elevated mood. In fact, the study found that volunteers spend 38% fewer nights in the hospital.

Fact #3: Build your resume, or put your skills to work

Volunteering at the TAP Tax Clinic will give you new skills and hone your knowledge of tax law. Professionals can earn licensing credits to boost their careers. Students like Melnyk and Witcher can get résumé-building experience. Specifically, those studying business, accounting, or finance can get out of the classroom and learn in a hands-on fashion. Depending on their program, students can even earn course credit from volunteering.

Further, Witcher found that his volunteer time at the Tax Clinic made his résumé stand out. “I think that students should seek to distinguish themselves from their peers, and TAP is a great outlet for doing so,” he said.

Sign Up to Volunteer or Find Out More

The deadline for volunteer sign up is January 5, 2022. Group training will begin in October 2021.

To get involved, please contact Teffany Henderson at 540-283-4916 or

To learn more about the TAP Tax Clinic here.