Join Our Team

This is the last in a series of posts about the battle against poverty, your role in the battle, and some of your allies in the fight. To read the series from the beginning click here.


If you’ve been following along with this series, you’ve met your teammates in the battle against poverty, Sirois, Taetz, and Isobel. Each of these individuals faced down one of poverty’s minions—isolation, imperceptibility and tumult. And each of these individuals drew on their own personal strength, in partnership with agents at TAP, to be victorious in their own fight.

As these three heroes have demonstrated through their stories, poverty always underestimates us and our capacity for reinvention, the power of our communities, and our willingness to help strangers.

Most of all, it underestimates that stubborn, resilient spark deep in all of us that powers our most formidable weapons: raw potential and free will. Together, these weapons give us the power to resist definition and diminishment, and to determine for ourselves who we want to be.

Now the time has come for you to join Sirois, Taetz, and Isobel in the battle. If you’re reading this, you are part of TAP’s community that has helped them, and thousands of others like them, to win their own personal battles against poverty. Just as poverty underestimated Sirois, Taetz and Isobel, it also underestimates you, your generous spirit, and your willingness to help others in need around you.

Start today. Make a donation to TAP and know that you are helping others to win the fight.