Operation Vanguard

This is a part of a series of posts from our 2019-2020 annual report about the battle against poverty, your role in the battle, and some of your allies in the fight. See next post.


Two days ago, at 2307 hours, our allies intercepted encoded communications meant for ranking members of our enemy’s organization. Upon decryption, the communication yielded a date and location for a meeting of the leadership in just over a week’s time. If the information in the decoded message were true, the meeting would be an unusual step for them since they rarely risk gathering in one place.

Yesterday, one of our sources inside the enemy’s organization managed to get word to us, confirming the intercepted message’s validity. Shortly after, Artifex Circumspector reported increased activity at several locations his agents have been surveilling. He believes key leadership members will be on the move within the next two days. You need to be on ground in the area before then, which means time is of the essence.

We’ve arranged transport for you on board a supply plane. Once you land, rendezvous with Artifex Circumspector. He will brief you on any new developments on the way to meet your team. Dossiers for your team members—both before and after training—are included herein. They are tough and resourceful and have already proven themselves in recent skirmishes with the enemy.

Fifty-four years have passed since the enemy’s last full leadership meeting. Many more may pass before the next one. This could be our final chance within a generation to strike at the heart of this centuries-old foe.

Good luck, Archistrategos.