A TAP Program Changed His Life

Vernon Gilbert, better known as “Kooney Frog” in the Mountain Valley community, had lived his entire life in the wheat-packing house his father built.

Unliveable Conditions

The house—which lacked even basic necessities such as electricity, running water, and plumbing—endured years of weather damage and general wear and tear, eventually becoming so sub-standard it was unsafe to live in. After 69-year-old Vernon suffered a number of falls and other health scares, his neighbors began working to get him into a safer home, eventually reaching out to TAP for help.

A Community Pulls Together

With land and a number of services and materials donated by community members, TAP’s Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation program recently began construction on a brand new home for Mr. Gilbert.

Because of the community’s generosity, the program has been able to install a number of “green” features such as solar panels to create an energy-efficient home with low utility costs. With construction almost complete, Vernon will soon be living comfortably in his new and safe home.

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