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Two Myths about Volunteering at the TAP Tax Clinic

TAP Tax Clinic Each year at TAP, we file over 1,000 free tax returns for low-income residents of Roanoke. This work relies on the help of volunteers. Here are the two biggest myths about volunteering at the Tax Clinic—and why they shouldn’t stop anyone from helping out. Myth #1: I don’t know enough about tax...

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Teenager sitting in a black sweatshirt holding a skateboard on a slum background urban

Youth Job Training: From Surviving to Thriving

Ernest got the job training he needed through TAP’s Young Adult Life Enhancement (Y.A.L.E.) program. When the pandemic hit, Ernest found himself homeless and unemployed in a city where he knew no one. He was “just trying to survive,” he says, and that crowded out any goals or plans for the future. Addressing each day’s...

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Warehouse with books inside of a large cardboard container and also on industrial shelving

TAP Books at Work in the Community

Today it seems like even entry-level jobs require some form of work experience. It’s a Catch-22: you won’t be hired without experience, but you can’t gain experience without being hired. Marquayna Hamm lived that journey. She went from working at a job that didn’t inspire her to landing a job at Roanoke Memorial Hospital—and she...

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