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Employment, Housing, and Peace of Mind

One Veteran’s Story Kevin Stone is a veteran who served in the Marines as an aviation mechanic for five years. When he returned from the base in Cherry Point, North Carolina, to his hometown of Danville, he said, “there was nothing for me there.” He traveled from place to place in search of a job...

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Indoor Plumbing and Rehab program

Help Keep Families Safe with Plumbing Rehabilitation

Our Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation (IPR) program helps to ensure families have safe drinking water, eliminates hazardous outhouse trips, and more. However, due to the pandemic, project material costs have skyrocketed. Without donations from supporters like you, IPR will not only have to turn down people who ask for help, it will have to drop some...

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Warehouse with books inside of a large cardboard container and also on industrial shelving

TAP Books at Work in the Community

Today it seems like even entry-level jobs require some form of work experience. It’s a Catch-22: you won’t be hired without experience, but you can’t gain experience without being hired. Marquayna Hamm lived that journey. She went from working at a job that didn’t inspire her to landing a job at Roanoke Memorial Hospital—and she...

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