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TAP Headquarters

COVID-19: TAP’s Response

TAP is sensitive to the fact that our clients are some of the most vulnerable members of our community, especially when it comes to receiving needed support and access to services. Both the community and our funding sources are aware of the value of what we do for those we serve, and continue to look...

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Make your voice count in the 2020 census

Fill out the 2020 Census at TAP

Make your voice count! Counting your family in the 2020 census is important—it helps to ensure fair representation and increase funding for community programs like ours. The census is safe and confidential. Results are only used to produce statistics, and immigration status will not be considered. Beginning March 12, you can respond to the census...

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Supporter - Aldrige Family

Practical Philanthropy – Monthly Giving

David and Nicole Aldridge support TAP with consistent monthly gifts. When asked about why monthly giving works for them, they shared that they practice the principle of giving ten percent, saving ten percent, and living on the rest. Their practical approach of including TAP in their budget each month has paid dividends for the community...

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