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TAP Presents New Legacy Award to George Kegley

We are excited to present a new award at our 2019 Annual Lunch: the Legacy Award. It will be presented to Mr. George Kegley of Roanoke. We congratulate him on this recognition and thank him for his tireless service to our community. About Mr. Kegley Kegley spent 44 years as a journalist for The Roanoke...

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TAP Supporter

Supporter Spotlight: Q&A with Suzanne Thorniley

Suzanne Thorniley, a licensed therapist trained in domestic violence work, is a supporter of TAP’s Domestic Violence Services (DVS) and has volunteered with the program for the past eight years. Her passion for the work of DVS is contagious. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Suzanne and reflect on her experience with the...

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What you don't see on TV; Domestic Violence

What You Don’t See On TV

How abusers blame their victims, manipulate the system, & how we can stop it Domestic violence is almost always worse than it seems because abusers are the worst of humanity: they’re great manipulators who find loopholes, muddy the waters wherever they can, and keep whole families isolated, terrified, and unable to live up to their...

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