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HELP program staff person helping

HELP Finds Dignity and Worth in the Journey from Homelessness

They say that moving is one of the most stressful events in life—but that’s not how Hannah Oakes sees it. From her perspective, it’s a celebratory occasion. On moving day, she’s been known to gather together a few helpers and a truck. She has a housewarming gift ready. Maybe there’s even a pizza involved. Moving...

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TAP Housing Counseling client photo with home

Finding a Home

Did you know that the Federal Reserve, Forbes, the National Association of Realtors, Harvard, and many more experts say that home equity (the home’s current market value minus what’s owed on the mortgage) is one of the top contributors to American household wealth? That’s because unlike other assets purchased with a loan, homes actually gain...

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TAP Volunteers Help Future Homebuyers

“We’re planting the seed of homeownership.” That’s how Carla Evans sees her volunteer work as an instructor with TAP’s Homebuyer Education Class. Carla, a realtor with Wainwright & Co. REALTORS, volunteers alongside Rob Jessee of the Jessee Realty Group brokered by RealStar Realtors. Both Carla and Rob volunteer their expertise in this class because they...

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