Behavioral Health Coordinator

Roanoke, VA

  • Department: Head Start
  • Posting Date: 10/16/2023
  • Closing Date: Open until filled
  • Salary: $30.00 - $37.00/hr
  • Code: BHC-HS/EHS
  • Position is contractual.

This position is contractual.


Responsible for the management functions in conjunction with the Supervisor of Education in making behavioral health services accessible to the EHS/HS children and families.


Supervised by:      Day to day supervision is provided by Supervisor of Education

Supervises:            Special Needs Assistant with dual supervision with Supervisor of Education

Coordinates with: Early Head Start and Head Start Service Areas, Staff Community Agencies, Educational Institutions and Partners, Center Staff, Disabilities Coordinator, Transition Coordinator, Behavioral Health Consultants and Service Providers



  • Coordinates opportunities for ongoing training and development of Early Head Start and Head Start staff, in conjunction with the Supervisor of Education.
    • Establishes and implements a structured approach to staff training and development.
    • Provides training opportunities that are designed to encourage building of relationships among staff and to assist in acquiring knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their job responsibilities, in accordance to Head Start Program Performance Standards.
  • Coordinates services for children and families with behavioral health concerns.
    • Provides reports describing identification of and intervention in family and staff concerns about a children, monthly.
    • Attends program staffing to provide consultation on identified children with behavioral health needs as scheduled.
    • Provides observations in the classroom to determine behavioral health issues or needs, records information and submits a copy to Supervisor of Education.
    • Documents information received and observations conducted while assessing and coordinating behavioral health services for families
    • Arranges screenings and assessments for children with behavioral health needs.
    • Ensures that all behavioral health information is filed in the child’s family development file.
    • Maintains strict confidentiality regarding all information pertaining to      behavioral health needs of the child and family.
    • Coordinates with family development specialist, lead teacher, and center supervisor to arrange conferences with parents when informed of concerns       regarding children, family members, and staff as needed.
    • Facilitates the flow of information between Early Head Start/Head Start and parents after referrals have been made.
  • Provides consultation for parents regarding specialized assistance    for children with atypical behavior or development.
    • Collaborates with the Disabilities Coordinator to provide appropriate treatment recommendations.
    • Participates in behavior planning for children with identified behavioral health needs, to work in conjunction with parents and staff to develop a comprehensive plan of action to address behavioral health issues.
    • Coordinates with family development specialist and/or lead teacher to arrange conferences with parents: 1) elicit parental input and observation of their child’s behavior, 2) share staff observations and 3) provide parent education on appropriate responses to behavioral issues, creating a nurturing environment and strengthening familial relationships.
    • Encourages participation of parents when behavioral health interventions are needed.
    • Facilitates staff/parent communication regarding child behavior and behavioral health needs.
  • Supports a team approach by working with the Early Head Start and Head Start Coordinators, Supervisors and staff to meet Performance Standards and further the goals of the program.
    • Consults with staff on how to use findings from developmental, sensory, or behavioral screenings to address identified behavioral health needs.
    • Attends all appropriate meetings and workshops and serves on appropriate committees relating to Early Head Start and Head Start upon request
    • Identifies and reports suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services, with copies to Head Start Director, Supervisor of Health Services, Supervisor of Family Services and Supervisor of Education.
    • Works with Family Development Services staff to secure support services for families with CPS reports are necessary.
    • Keeps supervisor, other coordinators, and Early Head Start/Head Start staff informed of all behavioral health activity.
    • Responds to Behavioral Health Alerts within 5 working days and follows up on behavioral health needs according to the Behavioral Health Process in the Policy and Procedures Manual.
    • Helps to monitor responses to recommendations for classroom interventions and referrals for professional services.
  • Works closely with behavioral health professionals in the community.
    • Appropriate services and support will be delivered and/or linked by the therapist.
    • Coordinates the behavioral health professional services to whom referrals are made.
    • Collaborates with Head Start/Early Head Start to develop behavioral health services that meet Performance Standards.
    • Develops and maintains a resource record of behavioral health services in the community including contact persons, services provided, eligibility, referral procedures, and associated costs
  • Assists parents or family members in participation of child behavioral health interventions when necessary
    • Attends meetings with parent and behavioral health professionals as needed
    • Makes referrals for psychological assessments as needed.
    • Conducts parent training, education and referral as needed.
    • Works with Supervisors to locate sources of funding to pay for intervention.
  • Works with service area coordinators to ensure access to behavioral health services for parents
    • Implements educational activities for staff and parents regarding preventative behavioral health and focusing on wellness rather than illness.
    • Facilitates access for parents to behavioral health consultation, support groups, and training opportunities in regards to appropriate responses to behaviors, creating nurturing environments, relationships in the home and understanding typical behavioral health needs.
    • Works with the Supervisor of Education and Education
  • Coordinators to plan educational activities and offer resources for staff and parents on behavioral health issues.
  • Performs other duties as assigned and required.


  • Demonstrated ability to gather and organize information in cohesive reports.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience working with families and children in crisis. 


  • LCSW, LPC, CNSLCP or Masters Degree in Human Services and licensed eligible.
  • At TAP, we focus on the Whole Family Approach.   Whole Family is a family led strategy to achieve set goals.  As an employee you may be required to attend Whole Family training and subject to data entry into the agency’s software as part of the Whole Family approach and serving clients


  • Valid Virginia Operator’s license with a good driving record and reliable transportation.
  • TAP participates in the Virginia DMV Driver Alert Program.  Employees who operate a TAP vehicle or their personal vehicle to conduct TAP business may be subject to driver record monitoring through the Virginia DMV Driver Alert Program.
  • This position is eligible for remote work upon supervisor’s approval.
  • Must pass drug screening.  Some positions require positive complete background screening including: criminal, sex offender and child protective services.

This description provides information regarding the essential functions of the designated job, and general nature and level of work associated with the job.  It should not be interpreted to describe all the duties that may be required of such employees or be used to limit the nature and extent of assignments such an individual may be given.

Every TAP employee shares in TAP’s responsibility to “Mobilize Community Resources” in support of TAP’s anti-poverty efforts.

We only hire individuals legally eligible for employment in the United States.

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer/Drug Free Workplace

Bilinguals Encouraged to Apply