Campaign Update: Bringing Hope Home

After having surpassed prior years’ goals for our annual fundraising campaign, Bringing Hope Home, we are excited to bring you a progress report! We set this year’s goal to $300,000 and are happy to report that we’re on track to surpass this goal! As a result of the support of generous people and businesses, TAP has continued to lessen the burden of poverty in southwest Virginia.

Fire is the Test of Gold

With the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, TAP worked to provide the same services we’re known for, as well as short-term crisis support. Now that the public health emergency has ended, we’ve shifted our focus to helping people rebuild their lives and communities. By providing job training, small business support, and more, TAP is strengthening the communities where we work.

You Mean the World to Us

Without your gifts, we couldn’t have met the needs of thousands of families in the region this year. Look for more details in our coming annual report about the impact you helped bring about. In the meantime, know that your support has truly been a blessing.

Thank you to all who have donated money or time to TAP over the past year. Bringing Hope Home provides funds that can be drawn on by TAP to support any of our programs, as needed. Because of your help, we can continue to sustain and create new pathways for low-income people in our community to build stable, full lives.

Make your gift today!