Carilion’s Support for TAP

Carilion doesn’t just provide healthcare for those in southwest Virginia. They also invest in the health and vitality of their community. Carilion has been a sponsor of TAP’s Bringing Hope Home campaign for the past three years. They provide much-needed support to our efforts to bring hope to the community. Carilion’s support for TAP has allowed us to continue providing help to those in need.

Carilion’s Support for TAP Goes Further

Carilion has gone beyond providing financial support in the past. They have demonstrated their commitment to supporting TAP. In the past Carilion has been a partner in our adult education and employment services. This partnership formed through our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program. Carilion worked with us to provide a pathway to a career in healthcare. Carilion’s support helped make this program accessible. Many people who faced barriers to employment were able to complete it. They now have stable and rewarding healthcare careers. Carilion’s support for TAP has helped give them a path to a brighter future.

They Believe in Our Community

By investing in the community Carilion is helping to create a stronger community. They are helping to make a more robust community. Through support for TAP’s initiatives Carilion has shown their commitment to this community. Their efforts are making a significant difference in the lives of people in the Roanoke Valley. They are bringing hope and support to those who need it the most.
Local partners like Carilion are critical. They make our efforts to create a better future for all possible. By investing in the community in this way, Carilion is making a significant contribution to the region’s growth and development. According to Nancy Agee, Carilion’s CEO, “We are pleased to join with agencies like TAP whose goals and values are aligned with our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve.”   They are setting an example for others to follow.