Supporter Story: Member One Donation

Last November, Member One presented TAP with a $100,000 donation—the biggest single gift given in our 58-year history! A gift of this kind to a nonprofit was also a first for the credit union.

“Member One is incredibly excited to make this contribution to TAP,” says Frank Carter, President & CEO of Member One. “We were impressed with all of TAP’s initiatives but specifically their housing and early education programs.”

TAP will use part of the donation to help buy a bus to transport our Head Start students so parents can work or pursue their education; the other part will provide additional affordable and safe housing for homeless families seeking careers. “We have three families that are going to be placed in housing as a result of Member One’s financial contribution, and that is only the beginning,” says Annette Lewis, TAP President & CEO. “Member One is a leader in giving back to the community that it serves, for which TAP is very grateful.”

Member One also became a top-level sponsor of our Bringing Hope Home annual campaign this year. They’re invested in the health of the region and those who live here. “When it comes to community support, it’s important to think about how we’re all interconnected,” says Alex Lucas, Vice President of Community Impact at Member One. “By supporting organizations like TAP we can work to consciously make that impact a positive one.”