Supporter Story: Network Computing Group (NCG)

Mark Bowles, CEO and founder of Network Computing Group (NCG), knows the value of bringing hope to those in need. “Hope is one of the most crucial things. Making people feel hopeful is the first step in meeting their needs.” After talking to Mark and his team, you can tell how much they want to do right by the people they serve.

A History of Service

Mark has always believed that giving back is key. Before starting his own company, he was teaching a class at Virginia Western Community College and donating his time and skills to local nonprofits like the Science Museum of Western Virginia. After opening NCG, Mark continued to give back to the community by offering a discount to local nonprofits.

It’s clear that Mark has fostered a team at NCG that values giving. Dale Wolfenbarger, Chief Technology Officer at NCG, also gives his time and IT skills at his local church, as well as at the International Christian Centers for the Deaf. “NCG is a member of the community and any time we can give back to it, that is helping us thrive and grow; it’s best for all of us. If it isn’t growing around us, neither can we.”

A Stable Connection

NCG and TAP have been working together for nearly a decade. For the past three years, NCG has also been an Empower Sponsor of our annual Bringing Hope Home campaign. “I spent a lot of my time thinking about and running NCG, but now that I’m getting older, my thoughts are moving to charity and getting more involved in how the money is used and what the purposes are,” Mark told us. “It’s easy for me to give to TAP knowing that they know the needs of the area and that they know best how to use the money wisely.”

Thanks to NCG’s support, we have been able to grow our programs to serve even more people. “Every time I turned around, there was another program TAP was doing, another service TAP offered,” says Mason Walker, Chief of Information Security at NCG. “You wouldn’t be able to tell the story of community service without TAP. They are that story…If there were no TAP, there would be a net negative in the community.”

A Legacy to Build On

We wouldn’t be able to do our work nearly as well if it weren’t for supporters like our friends at NCG. “TAP is tried and true and, to have been there as long as they have, that’s something that brings hope to the community. It’s a solid platform to give hope to the people around here,” says Dale.

If you’d like to support TAP by giving, please click here. TAP also has volunteer opportunities available in our service areas.