The Whole Family Approach

At TAP, we’re always looking for ways to improve the way we serve our clients. That’s what led us to adopt our new Whole Family Approach. This family-led strategy provides every member of the household with the tools they need to succeed.

TAP began to use the Whole Family Approach during the pandemic.

We began to use the Whole Family Approach during the height of the pandemic. TAP was able to do this with help from CARES Act funding. This proved to be very effective in connecting clients with services. We have now adopted it throughout the agency long term.

Any client that comes to TAP completes an assessment on their full household. This assessment allows us to ascertain the needs of the entire family. The information from this assessment is then entered into our system. Case managers use this information to refer the client to all services they qualify for. This includes programs both inside and outside the agency. Case managers follow up with clients to track their progress. They will also look for any additional assistance they might need.

The Whole Family approach will ensure clients have all the tools available to them.

With this approach a client contacts TAP about our Weatherization program. They now know their young children are eligible for Head Start. A client reaches out for our eviction prevention services. They now have a referral to a job-training program for a family member.

The primary goal of this approach is to ensure clients can access all the tools available to help them thrive.

TAP has two intake specialists dedicated to the success of all our clients.

TAP has two Whole Family intake specialists, Cheryl Evans and Patricia Comer. Both of these women are dedicated to setting clients up for success. They have witnessed the benefits of the Whole Family Approach firsthand.

“As a Whole Family intake specialist, I enjoy being able to encourage clients. I love exploring services within TAP to help improve life for their family” says Cheryl.

Patricia adds, “I am happy that TAP is reaching out to the whole household. By reaching out we can try to help everyone who may need us.”

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