Supporter Story: Carter Bank & Trust

We’d like to thank Carter Bank & Trust for being a great community partner. Through their CARE Forward campaign, which started in 2021, the bank donates $10 to TAP for every new checking account opened at specific bank locations. Since the campaign started, TAP has received roughly $11,000!

Aaron Tsang, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at Carter Bank & Trust, says, “We were extremely proud to partner with TAP during 2022 through our CARE Forward program. Caring for and investing in local communities has been a core value of Carter Bank since its founding, and TAP has continued to find ways to care for and have a positive impact in the Roanoke community through its many incredible programs. We will continue to partner with TAP and other nonprofits in charitable giving and volunteer services throughout 2023 and beyond.”

It’s through the generosity of community partners like Carter Bank & Trust that we can continue to help transform the lives of our neighbors in need.

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