Supporter Story: Project Discovery Scholarship Fund

Dr. Bush Kavuru knew he wanted to help young people pursue their dreams of a career in medicine. He just didn’t know where to start. When he saw the work that TAP Project Discovery was doing, he decided to reach out. Together we found the perfect opportunity to make an impact.

Project Discovery Helps Students Find Hope

Project Discovery helps students find an appreciation for learning. With this appreciation comes hope for the future. The program prepares them for college and life beyond high school. It also provides them with a place to build character and gain self-esteem. Students receive help with college applications, the financial aid process, college tours and more.

A Group of Doctors Believe in Project Discovery Students

Dr. Kavuru knew many of our Project Discovery students come from families that struggle financially. With this knowledge he set out to create a college scholarship fund. He reached out to his colleagues and the response was overwhelming. Nine people from the medical community—all of Indian descent—contributed to the fund. “I sincerely believe that every person has the innate capacity to grow and achieve great things. Sometimes circumstances may become roadblocks in that journey,” says Dr. Kavuru. “What I can do as an individual is to remove a small roadblock, but as a group we can help more!”

Project Discovery Scholarship Fund Helps Five Students with the Cost of Nursing School

In two years, the Project Discovery scholarship fund has helped five students with the costs of nursing school. The donors knew that by giving to these students they were helping to build brighter futures. “Nurses are very vital and pillars for the healthcare team,” says Dr. Kavuru. “We love to support people who [take] up this path and help them or mentor them as much as we can.”
Each of the donors wanted the students to know that their community believes in them. They wanted to show them that a fulfilling career is possible. “It’s our urge and desire to tap the young talent from underprivileged communities and give them support in fulfilling their own dreams and career goals,” explains Dr. Kavuru.
TAP exists because the people of southwest Virginia believe in working to make life better for everyone. This group of doctors embodies the true spirit of our community. Because of them, these students will have support in achieving their dreams.