Wells Fargo: A Bank with a Mission

Wells Fargo is committed to supporting a healthier financial future for all. “Through our businesses and the Wells Fargo Foundation, we align our resources and expertise to make a positive impact in communities, address complex societal issues, and help build a more inclusive, sustainable future for all,” says Juan Austin, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Foundation.

Impact on the Local Front

Wells Fargo makes it a point to support nonprofits that provide solutions to societal barriers, including TAP. “We support our communities through local grants to local nonprofits that align with our four strategic focus areas: financial health, housing affordability, small business growth, and sustainability and environmental justice,” explains Juan. Most particularly, he says, the bank prioritizes programming that supports “low- to moderate-income communities, addressing racial and social equity, and accelerating an inclusive economy.”

In addition to being one of our Bringing Hope Home campaign’s Hope Sponsors, Wells Fargo has supported several of our programs. The bank provided grant funds to Business Seed, which assists entrepreneurs who want to start and manage a small business. It also helped fund our annual free Tax Clinic, and partners with our Housing Counseling program for first-time homebuyers. “They have been instrumental in helping our Financial Services department achieve life-changing results for individuals in our community,” states Curtis Thompson, Vice President of Financial Services.

In Tune with Communities

Recent years have been difficult for communities across the country. Wells Fargo listened to the hardships faced by its customers and worked to lend a helping hand. It partnered with Feeding America to provide 82 million meals, committed $420 million to bolster small businesses through its Open for Business Fund, and donated more than $80 million to support housing initiatives and eviction mitigation.

Wells Fargo believes in finding solutions and knows the importance of engaging with the communities they serve. We’re grateful for partners like them who lead with empathy, kindness, and compassion to help those in underserved communities achieve economic empowerment. That is a mission we can all believe in.