A Thank You from Sabrina’s Place

Sabrina’s Place, created in 2007, provides a safe space for custody exchanges and visitations. The program is in downtown Roanoke, housed in the same building since its inception. Unexpectedly, the program’s federal funding ended in 2016. The building’s owners, Cooper Youell and Scott Graeff, graciously allowed Sabrina’s Place to remain rent-free until other funding could be secured.

The property owners have also gone above and beyond to address maintenance issues and create a welcoming space for Sabrina’s Place families. Stacey Sheppard, director of TAP’s domestic violence services programs, states, “Our landlords have been diligent to fix any maintenance issues to ensure our families do not have an interruption in services.” Melody Robinson, Sabrina’s Place Program Manager, agrees. “They have been terrific and diligent at addressing … needs in the building, especially when it involves health and safety,” she says. This support from the property owners is crucial since the program cannot afford to pay for repairs on its own.

Cooper and Scott’s support of Sabrina Place has allowed the program to keep its doors open during hard times. Because of them, the only supervised visitation and safe exchange center in the region continues to serve families in need. From all of us at TAP, we thank them for their generosity and support.

For more information about how you can become a Sabrina’s Place supporter, please call (540) 777‑3799 or complete the contact form below.