Supporter Story: Ian Shaw

Dedicated donor Ian Shaw shares what makes TAP special.

Ian Shaw believes in giving back to the community. For years, he’s been a consistent and charitable donor to TAP. When asked what influences his recurring donations, Ian shares that he likes TAP’s variety of programs.

“There is a range of things that [TAP] does that can help a person be successful in life,” Ian says. “Because of the spectrum of work [TAP] does, it has a greater impact on people. I know that whatever I give to TAP will be used well.”

A Commitment to the Community

Ian invests in TAP because he sees the value of his community. While working for the City of Roanoke, he interacts with other locals on a daily basis. Moreover, having lived in Roanoke for more than 20 years, he knows what makes the city special as well as the areas in which it needs help.

 “My wife is from Roanoke originally and we’ve both lived here since ’96. We’ve been here for a while. It’s home for both of us,” Ian shares. He enjoys the walkability of the city as well as the proximity to outdoor activities. On the weekends, he and his family enjoy hiking Tinker Cliffs or paddling on the Roanoke River.

“But Roanoke does have the problems of a city as far as the income disparities and equity issues,” Ian continues. “Being here for a long time, it is important for me to address these things and make sure everyone has the same opportunities.”

Ian encourages others to invest in the Roanoke community as well. “If everyone was a little bit generous,” he shares, “that would go a long way to solve a lot of our problems in the world.”

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