Carter Bank & Trust and TAP Announcement

Carter Bank & Trust (CB&T) has announced a new partnership with Total Action for Progress (TAP) through their CARE Forward Campaign.

This campaign will donate $10 to TAP for every new checking account opened until later this year. This generous support is in addition to the support CB&T has already committed to TAP’s Bringing Hope Home campaign.

Kim Simon, Marketing Officer at CB&T, says that Kevin Lockhart, a TAP board member, identified TAP as an organization that is aligned with CB&T’s mission. In addition to Kevin, there were other CB&T teammates who volunteered with TAP in the past and provided great feedback about their experience.

Annette Lewis, CEO of TAP, says this:

“Carter Bank & Trust has been an institution that values and supports the community that it serves.  TAP is grateful for the years of support that our agency has received from Carter Bank & Trust. We are especially grateful for this new opportunity through CARE Forward. The contributions received will help TAP to continue to bring hope to the homes of those in our community who struggle daily to meet the basic needs of their families.”

Simon also says this of CB&T’s commitment to the community it serves:

“CARING for our clients  started in 1974 when we opened our doors as a community bank offering our signature account Life Time Free Checking which has no minimum balance requirement. A more recent example of our CARE was shown when Carter Bank & Trust turned off ALL service fees incurred by our customers for 6 months during the pandemic, while making donations to over 20 NPOs in form of cash and kind. In 2021, we continue with our commitment of CARE to our community stakeholders through our CARE Forward campaign where we donate $10 for every new checking opened to a selected NPO in our bank footprint.”

This kind of community support makes it possible for TAP to continue its mission of helping people achieve sustainable, equitable economic and personal independence through education, employment, affordable housing, and safe and healthy environments.

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