Supporting Sabrina’s Place

“Sabrina’s Place means a lot to us, because Sabrina Reed’s life was taken suddenly and tragically and she was one of our sorority members,” says Katina Hamlar, president of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Beta Chi Omega Chapter.

“The sorority sisters loved [Sabrina] and felt a great sense of loss. They see [Sabrina’s Place] as a personal opportunity to give back to the community and to honor her legacy in a meaningful way.”

It’s no surprise then that the sorority has been there for the program from the beginning and remains one of its most ardent supporters.

A Personal Touch

Although Sabrina’s Place is the only free supervised visitation and safe exchange center in the western half of Virginia, during recent years funding has been lean. The sorority sisters have found myriad ways to show their support for the program through gestures small and large.

One recent effort was at Christmastime, when the sisters purchased Christmas gifts for the children who benefit from the program. “Last year there was so much happening, and those children are already in a tough situation,” says Katina. “We felt good that we were in a position to bring smiles to their faces at Christmas.”

TAP gave the sorority a list of gift ideas for each child, and the sorority sisters set to work. One little girl loved horses, and the sisters went out of their way to see that she received a gift certificate to a local stable so she could go on a horseback ride.

Remembering Sabrina’s Place during the Holidays

More recently, the sisters have supported the program by delivering snacks for the children and holding a successful water bottle drive. Other efforts have included a toilet paper drive and a Zumba fundraiser. “[The AKAs] have been faithful, and they have been there from the beginning,” says Melody Robinson, program coordinator. “Their consistent involvement is the theme. They have been ideal program supporters.”

A Bigger Picture

Sabrina’s Place remains a much-needed resource in the community, despite recent funding cuts. TAP has seen increased incidents of domestic violence during the pandemic, largely due to the additional stressors on families.

The AKAs have a firm grasp on how dire the situation is. “[People] should know that there are not many places like Sabrina’s Place that are creating safe havens for families to share in the lives of their children without fear of domestic violence or disputes,” says Katina.

“People should also know that there are significant numbers of women and children and even men who are being abused. Those situations can become tragic, but we can help avoid them by creating spaces like Sabrina’s Place where families feel they can be protected.”

If you would like to join the AKAs in supporting Sabrina’s Place, please contact us or make a donation today. You can designate your donation to “domestic violence and family services” and write in the comments “Sabrina’s Place.”