2020 Cabell Brand Hope Award Recipient: Ted Edlich

This year we are honored to award Ted Edlich, TAP’s former president, with the 2020 Cabell Brand Hope Award. His dedication to TAP’s mission has extended into his retirement years as he continues to give back to his community.

Early Life

Ted Edlich grew up in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and has spent most of his life in southwest Virginia. After serving as a middle school teacher and Presbyterian pastor, Ted came to TAP where he acted as Head Start director, director of community organization, and director of training before becoming president and CEO.

Dedication to TAP’s Mission

Ted Edlich

During his four decades at TAP’s helm, Ted helped to create education, employment, housing, and business development opportunities for thousands. Under his leadership, TAP served as an incubator for projects that have been replicated throughout Virginia and the nation. He has been committed to justice and reaching out to help families gain a good foothold in life.

A Passion for Learning

Aside from being a leader in human and community development, Ted has a passion for learning. His academic record includes degrees from the University of North Carolina, Union Theological Seminary, New York University, and Yale University, and an honorary Doctor of Letters from Washington & Lee University. He is also a licensed counselor, personal growth facilitator, and group development facilitator.


Widespread Recognition

Ted is the recipient of many awards. Among them is the Humanitarian Award from the National Coalition of Christians and Jews; Robert M. Coard Award for Innovation from the National Community Action Partnership; Southern Christian Leadership Conference Martin Luther King Jr. Award; and a resolution of recognition by the Senate and House of Delegates of the Virginia General Assembly. January 9, 2015, was officially named Ted Edlich Day in the five cities and six counties that TAP serves.

Not Slowing Down

Since stepping down from his position at TAP, Ted continues to be involved in consulting, counseling, training, teaching mindfulness meditation, writing, and public speaking. His book, Navigating the Nonprofit Rapids: Strategies and Tactics for Running a Nonprofit Company, was published in 2016 and features forwards from Senator Mark Warner and former Congressman Bob Goodlatte, among others.

In his spare time Ted has earned a first-degree black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate, climbed mountains across the country, and does water color paintings of places he has visited. He is also a family man devoted to his wife, five grown children, and four grandchildren. He is a good friend to many.