Support for Working Parents

Support for working parents through TAP Adult Education Programs

Sometimes all it takes to change your life is having the right people in your corner. For two young mothers in our Adult Education program those right people were TAP career mentors—and each other.

Our Adult Education program works by removing some of the common barriers parents face when looking for well-paying jobs, including lack of access to job training and high-quality childcare. The program offers paths to industry-recognized job certifications in the high-demand fields of health care, information technology, and manufacturing, as well as access to childcare and other supports, including individualized mentorship.

It takes a village of support

For participants Brianna and Kayla, that mentorship was a game-changer. “Our mentor Ms. Angela is so different. She stands for our work. She’ll pray with you. She cried plenty of times with us. She was like a mother figure, she took in our babies and she took us in as if we were her own. She didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, she told you what you needed to hear. And a lot of people needed that. I honestly think that our class got through because of Ms. Angela,” said Brianna. Kayla added, “She has always been encouraging. She’s never not been there for us, anything we needed.”

TAP did more than connect Brianna and Kayla to a career mentor—it connected them to each other, helping them to expand the support networks that are crucial to working parents. “We prayed with each other, we cried with each other. We have encouraged each other. We stayed up late studying with each other and stayed up late with each other’s kids. It’s more than just a friendship and a coworking‐type deal,” said Brianna.

Brighter Days Ahead

Having graduated from the program, Brianna and Kayla can now support themselves and their children with jobs that they’re proud of—they even get to work together at the same medical practice. “I can actually now say that I have a career that I enjoy doing,” Kayla explained. “I have two children that need me, so it’s been great to be in the program. Before the program, I didn’t want to go to work because first, I was away from my children, and second, the pay that I was getting, I thought, what am I doing this for? Now I love my job, I really do.”

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