Seven things to know about TAP Books

How does this new book donation program work? Check out these answers to some frequently asked questions about TAP Books!

How can I donate my books?

Books can be donated by simply dropping them off at one of several convenient locations. A full list of drop-off points can be found at

What does TAP Books do with the donations?

TAP Books helps turn used books into stable revenue for TAP programs, gives free books to people in need, and creates jobs in our community.

What kinds of books does TAP Books want?

We take all kinds of books, new and old, for any age group.

Are there books that TAP Books does not want?

We’ll take anything, and there’s no need to sort or filter your donation. We are, however, less interested in donations of magazines, encyclopedia sets, or books in very poor condition.

How do participants in TAP programs benefit?

TAP programs issue vouchers for books, including children’s books, to our clients for them to select books to share with their families. We also put together book bags that are occasionally distributed to TAP families, and take donated books to prison libraries.

Does TAP resell donated books? Where?

TAP Books sells books through various online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and through occasional pop-up sales. The proceeds are then used to support TAP programs

How does TAP Books create jobs?

It takes a lot of labor to gather, process, and sell book donations. A majority of the revenue from TAP Books goes into the paychecks of our employees to help them support their families. Where possible, we give employment opportunities to participants in TAP programs.

Still have questions? Get more information about TAP Books by visiting or calling 540.358.1079.