Early Head Start (EHS) Partnerships Health/Disabilities Coordinator

Roanoke, VA

  • Department: Early Head Start/Head Start
  • Posting Date: 4/9/21
  • Closing Date: Open until filled
  • Salary: $17.10/ hr.-$23.93/hr
  • Code: HDC – EHS

CLASSIFICATION:             Exempt/Administrative



The EHS Health and Disabilities Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Supervisor of Health Services, the Supervisor of Early Head Start Education, and the Early Head Start Partnership Manager and  in implementing all aspects of the Health and Disabilities services to designated partnership children and their families, including referrals and follow-up.


Supervised by:             Directly – Supervisor of Health Services

Indirectly – Supervisor of EHS Education and EHS   Partnership Manager


Directly – No One

Indirectly – Early Head Start Family Development Specialists at designated partnerships

Coordinates with: Early Head Start Partnership Staff and contracted Behavioral Health Services provider



1)  Ensures that each child and family has access to a medical and dental home

  1. a) Provides resource list and referrals to physicians and dentists in the TAP service area to Family Development Specialists.
  2. b) Monitors records to ensure that eligible children have medical insurance, and works with FDS to assist families in getting and keeping insurance for their children.
  3. c) Ensures that all enrolled children are on a regular schedule of well child care, immunizations, and dental care.
  4. d) Monitors records for compliance with Virginia licensing and Head Start Performance Standards concerning health and dental requirements.

2)  Coordinates services for children with suspected or diagnosed disabilities and their families.

  1. Works with Family Services staff to recruit and enroll children with disabilities.
  2. Meets with staff and parents prior to enrollment of children with disabilities to discuss special needs the child may have, and to assure staff that necessary materials, training, and/or equipment will be provided as needed to ease transition.
  3. Works with teaching staff to implement IEP/IFSP goals in the classroom. Observes in the classroom and provides suggestions to classroom teachers to ensure inclusion of child in regular activities as much as possible.
  4. Reviews lesson plans and paperwork to ensure that IFSP goals are reflected. Makes suggestions for individualization and activities pertaining to goals.
  5. Works with EHS Education Coordinator and partnership teams to ensure implementation of Disabilities referral process.
  6. Works with Supervisor of EHS Education and Transition and Training Coordinator to develop plans for staff training related to inclusion of children with disabilities in Early Head Start classrooms.
  7. Ensures that adaptive equipment is provided for children as prescribed.
  8. Works with Transition and Training Coordinator to ensure smooth transitions from EHS for children with special needs.

3.)    Coordinates with Family Development Specialists to ensure enrolled children are up to date on a regular schedule of well child care

  1. a) Assists parents in making and keeping appointments as necessary. Coordinates follow-up care for medical, dental, and nutritional needs of enrolled children and families.
  2. b) Meets monthly with Family Development Specialists to review children’s health and dental needs.
  3. c) Assists in referral of children as needed with health, dental, nutritional, and disabilities-related needs.
  4. d) Assists in obtaining dental exam, Fluoride treatment, and dental treatment as needed for enrolled children.
  5. e) Assists with or provides transportation of children to and from follow-up health, disabilities-related, and dental appointments as needed.


4)   Monitors health records to ensure compliance with performance standards and state licensing requirement

  1. a) Prints, reads, and distributes monthly reports concerning well child visits, health referrals, and immunizations.
  2. b) Assists Family Development Specialists in working with parents to achieve compliance.

5)  Supports a team approach by working with the Supervisors, EHS Partnership Manager, Coordinators, FDS, and Partnering Centers to meet Performance Standards and further the goals of the program

  1. a) Consults with staff on how to use findings from developmental, sensory, or behavioral screenings to address individual needs.
  2. b) Attends all appropriate meetings and workshops and serves on appropriate committees relating to Early Head Start and Head Start upon request.
  3. c) Identifies and reports suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services, following agency and state requirements.
  4. b) Responds to Alert forms within 5 working days and follows up on the referral process as outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual.
  5. c) Helps to monitor responses to recommendations for classroom interventions and referrals for professional services.


6)    Works closely with health, disabilities and behavioral health professionals in the community


  1. a) Coordinates with the health and disabilities-related professionals and agencies to whom referrals are made to see that appropriate services/treatment is received.
  2. b) Collaborates with Head Start/Early Head Start teaching staff, Education Coordinators, and Family Development Specialists/Coordinator to develop disabilities health and behavioral health services that meet Performance Standards.
  3. c) Develops and maintains a resource record of disability related and behavioral health services in the community including contact persons, services provided, eligibility, referral procedures, and associated costs. 

7)  Works with other service area coordinators to facilitate an integrated system of service delivery to children and families

  1. a) Attends Center Staffings/Child Development Team meetings to discuss needs of individual children and families.
  2. b) Documents a plan of action for children with health needs and follows up to ensure that the plan is carried out.
  3. c) Tracks requests for information from service Providers.
  4. e) Updates the Supervisor of Health Services and the appropriate. Supervisors, Coordinators, and Managers concerning follow up and referral.
  5. e) Works with the Supervisor of Health Services to provide technical assistance to staff concerning health issues as requested.
  6. f) Monitors all health related documentation and tracking for compliance and service delivery.
  7. Submits copies of all health and disabilities documentation to the Information Processing office to be entered into the tracking system.
  8. g) Monitors computer data reports for accuracy.

8)  Contacts Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and community agencies to initiate and coordinate appropriate screening, and referral for evaluations and services.

  1. Makes appropriate referrals to LEAs and community agencies as needed.
  2. Transports or arranges for transportation of children and families to appointments for evaluations.
  3. Maintains agreement letters with LEAs.

9)  Plans and delivers or arranges (in collaboration with the Supervisor of Health Services) trainings on health and nutrition topics in the classroom  and at parent meetings as requested.

11 ) Monitors emergency and health plans at each center for safety and compliance.

  1. a) Meets with center teams to plan for and monitor care plans for children with special health needs.

12)  Makes home visits to families with specific health needs as requested.                     


14) Supports a team approach when working with staff.

  1. Attends monthly family and health services Supervisors and Coordinators team meeting.
  2. Meets with each Family Development Specialist monthly and completes Health Supervision.
  3. Attends monthly Coordinators meeting.
  4. Attends all assigned meetings.
  5. Plans with appropriate staff as a team for handling health related concerns of children and families.
  6. Schedules home visits to families with health related concerns as requested by partnership staff and/or the Family Development Specialist.
  7. Meets monthly with the EHS Partnership Manager for information sharing.

15)     Adheres to a professional standard of work.

  1. a) Completes documentation, recordkeeping, and reports in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. b) Informs supervisor of health related center concerns.
  3. c) Participates in health related community teams, events, and coalitions as assigned.
  4. d) Adheres to all TAP and TAP Head Start policies and the NAEYC Code of Ethics as adopted by TAP Head Start.
  5. e) Maintains confidentiality of all child, family, and staff information.
  6. f) Adheres to the Head Start Performance Standards, Virginia Licensing, and State/Local laws and regulations.
  7. g) Maintains state credentials for professional licensing.


16) Performs other job related tasks upon request.



  • Knowledge of community health practice required
  • Knowledge of family and health related community resources required
  • Demonstrated ability to gather and organize information in cohesive reports
  • Experience in coordinating services for children with disabilities required
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication
  • Must demonstrate time management and organizational ability
  • Must be willing to work as part of a team
  • Must have a history of regular work attendance and satisfactory job performance
  • Must be able to self direct and demonstrate good judgment and decision making skills
  • Required to wear masks with a few exceptions



  • Current R.N. or L.P.N. license required
  • B.A or B.S. in Education, Psychology, or related field preferred
  • One year working with children or families in a health related setting required



  • Valid Virginia Operator’s license and reliable transportation.
  • Willing to adjust work schedule as needed.
  • Must pass drug screening.  Some positions require positive complete background screening including:  criminal, sex offender and child protective services.
  • Capable of completing certification in First Aid and CPR for infants and children.
  • Must be able to interact with children.
  • Physical activity of this position – climbing; ascending and descending ladders, stairs, scaffolding, ramps, poles and the like; balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, use of fingers for – picking, pinching and typing; grasping, feeling, talking, hearing, repetitive motion of the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.
  • Physical requirements of this position – medium work; exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 30 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds constantly to move objects.
  • Visual acuity requirements – must be able to determine the accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness of the work assigned or to make general observations of facilities or structures.
  • Conditions subject to in this position – environmental conditions; protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.


This description provides information regarding the essential functions of the designated job, and general nature and level of work associated with the job.  It should not be interpreted to describe all the duties that may be required of such employees or be used to limit the nature and extent of assignments such an individual may be given.


Every TAP employee shares in TAP’s responsibility to “Mobilize Community Resources” in support of TAP’s anti-poverty efforts.


TAP hires only U.S. Citizens and lawfully authorized aliens.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Drug Free Workplace

Bilinguals Encouraged to Apply