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Board of Directors


Charlotte Moore, Chair
John D'Orazio, First Vice-Chair
Sandra Pratt, Second Vice-Chair
Jennifer Eversole, Treasurer
Brenda L. Hale, Secretary
Harriet Woodward, Assistant Secretary
W.Lee Wilhelm, III, Chair Emeritus
Annette Lewis, President and CEO

Civic/Community Reps

David K. Allen
John S. D’Orazio
Deneen Evans
Jennifer Eversole
Brenda L. Hale
Michael J. Hertz
Rita Joyce
Kevin Lockhart
Sandra Pratt
Keith A. Rickoff

Public Officials

Vicky G. Agnor
Richard Byrd
Dan Collins
Arne Glaeser
Billy W. Martin, Sr.
Charlotte Moore
Melinda Payne
Thomas H. Sibold
Dr. David Trinkle
Harriet Woodward

Low Income Representatives

Andrea Ames
Craig Balzer
Monique Clemont
Kim Gregory
Baraka Kasongo
Charles Price
Cleo Sims
Clarice Walker
Lorena Taylor-Rollins Wilson